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10 Companies Control All The Food You Buy

Aaron - Founder

Aaron Uscilla - Founder

This isn’t just a headline to get clicks, well it is, but it’s also the truth.

These 10 corporations control the majority of the food in our grocery stores. Faster and cheaper are their tenants because they have shareholders to please and aggressive goals to reach. This often turns into machines replacing people and corners cut in quality. was founded me, Aaron Uscilla. I got my start making maple syrup in my backyard with my family in Bethany, Connecticut (pictured above). It wasn’t much, but it was enough to kick start a love of quality and conscious business practices.

Today I am proud to bring you This community was founded on the belief that we should all eat more of the food that was made around us. It won’t only make us healthier, but help support the small businesses ran by our neighbors.

Click around! Discover the wonderful world of artisanal food in your area!

-Aaron Founder