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Do you know someone who is serving in the military? Do you have a favorite hunter or camouflage enthusiast? Send them a Camouflage Cookie Basket from Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies. Don't send the same old chocolates or candy. Surprise them! Send this camouflage gourmet cookie box. Send some cookie flavor to that special enlisted person. Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies will create a custom note with your personal message. We can even add the image for the branch of the military. When you send the "real deal" gourmet cookies from Moon Rocks you will make a lasting impression. They'll have to fend off their friends once the word of how good they taste gets out. Purchase this gift basket and there will be no camouflaging your love!!!

Our cookies are sent in 1/2 dozen trays. Feel free to request 1 flavor per 1/2 dozen you order. (Designate the flavors you would like in the order comments box when you check out : ) If you do not specify flavors we will pick our most popular Moon Rocks for you.

Please note: Basket design might be different based on inventory however, the theme will be the same!

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