Veg-geez Louise

Description of product

A citrusy and herby blend

We haven't really found anything you can't put this on. We made a simple concoction of sea salt, coarse black pepper, onion and garlic, that we brightened up with lemon powder, lime zest, and a few simple herbs. Nothing crazy, that's why it works so well. Just get rid of your salt and pepper won't need them. 

A few ideas from the test kitchen:

  • A simple seasoning for making marinades and vinaigrettes
  • Try it in your next batch of mashed potatoes
  • Use for a dry rub on chicken wings
  • Season baked or grilled seafood
  • Sprinkle over asparagus, green beans, carrots, etc.
  • Stir into greek yogurt for a healthier crudité dip

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